Financial Cooperative (Microfinance)/ Finance 4 Farmers & Traders Division

As markets for sustainable agricultural products and general trade grow, the availability of finance tools has demonstrated itself as a key factor in determining the overall effectiveness of producer participation. In addition to the traditional need for pre-harvest finance faced by many small producers, participation in sustainable supply chains requires additional administrative, training and transition costs which existing producers’ capital bases typically cannot cover. Meanwhile, the majority of small-scale rural enterprises are too poor and under-capitalized to be regarded as bankable by local financial institutions.

The cycle of poverty worsens and environmental degradation continues in the absence of viable economic alternatives to unsustainable land uses such as slash-and-burn agriculture, unregulated logging and cattle ranching.

An explicit goal of CHIPUA FINANCIAL GROUPS/COOPERATIVES is to challenge high interest rates that are predicated on the illusion that sustainable producer groups are inherently riskier than less sustainable concerns. By lending to producer groups and experiencing low levels of lending defaults, CHIPUA financial cooperatives/groups have been able to prove to local commercial lenders that lending to cooperative producer groups is profitable and makes good business sense. Our programs include but not limited to:

  1. Farmers/Agri-businesses owners mobilization and organization into marketing groups/cooperatives and/or farmers forums
  2. Farmers/Community members mobilization and organization into financial cooperatives/groups (VSLA)
  3. Rural Entrepreneurship & Agri-Business promotion/Climate Smart Agriculture
  4. Capacity building of farmers and provision of platform for advocacy on issues affecting farmers
  5. Organic farming trainings
  6. Agro-Enterprise Development