Past Performance

CHIPUA as social enterprise organization has achieved a great deal in facilitating rural and urban communities (in particular youth & women) to improve their living standards. By working with rural and urban entrepreneurs to establish and strengthening their businesses through agri-businesses, marketing, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, access to finance/capital (BDS Programs) over 4500 farmers and entrepreneurs have been reached by the enterprise. Furthermore, (contracted/Assigned by UNESCO, SNV world, ILO, Restless Development, MarafikiwaElimu – Dodoma, Junior Achievement Tanzania, Kasulu Youth Development, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Cardiff University-School of Planning and Geography and TechnoServe) to facilitate basic life skills, business development services trainings, market linkages to more than 1000 farmers and potential/existing entrepreneurs who are selling their crops/products at relatively higher prices and have improved their (farmers) production as they are now able to use improved technologies such as seeds and fertilizers.

We have more than 50 groups in which each group have 30 members in which their activities is mobilization of fund through using CHIPUA approach which based on empowering the group members through revolving fund.

Most of our group members have delivered the business development service provision and entrepreneurship training trough using the International labour organization packages which are Start and Improve your business (SIYB) and Gender and Entrepreneurship together (GET AHEAD)

Our approach has been applied by different organization and companies because it has the sustainability in nature in term of finance and business owned by group members.