Ms. Leticia – Kigoma Region

  • Business Sector (s): Services, Trade
  • Location: KigomaUjiji Municipal
  • Start Up Loan Amount: Tshs500,000


“I was generally inspired by Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) & CHIPUA training model, and decided to take actions immediately. I learned on how to avoid common mistakes many of us commit in our start-up businesses, and I was keen not to repeat them.  My business plan I developed during the SIYB & CHIPUA training guided me on how to carry out market research and identify new business opportunities. By the time I had a small business which was not doing much very well, after resorting into much thinking, I decided to reshuffle my small business of salon I had at the time, which was not doing well, due to lack of enough capital.

In order to reorganize my business and create a decent employment for myself and others, I joined CHIPUA “a Rural Banking on Change Model”, and started saving. After three month I applied a loan, and secured it from CHIPUA KIGOMA which I used to purchase sophisticated working tools for my female salon, and opened a male salon at the same time.


In 2013, I opened a new business venture (M-PESA), the same year I applied for another loan from CHIPUA, which I used it to facilitate on establishing my own company, with major focus  on cleaning services. And in 2014, I secured company registration number 280326 with the name of “WESHAME & CLEANING GROUP COMPANY LTD”. This year 2015 mid, I am planning to open another business venture here in Kigoma. My main customers are the local people, companies, public offices of KigomaUjiji Municipal and surrounding villages.


As a result of training and loan I got from CHIPUA, today I have managed to create decent job for myself and others. At the current, I employ a total number of 14staff.  I thank CHIPUA for assisting me with my businesses”.

~ Ms. Leticia Mango, +255 784 403 540