who we are.

The continent of Africa is plagued by grinding poverty and underdevelopment. Central to the strategy to reverse this colonial legacy, is the general drive to transform and strengthen Communities economically and socially at all levels. A particular emphasis is however being placed at grass root level social and economic empowerment as a strategic tier/sphere in the reconstruction and development in different countries.

A number of initiatives are being taken throughout the continent to position local communities to be developmental. These efforts are supported by different agencies and donor organizations in various parts of the continent. Different countries are at different stages in the transformation of local communities.

What is however clear is that there is limited capacity at different levels to develop entrepreneurial skills, policies, systems and programme to enable local communities to be more developmental. Where these are in place, there is often lack of capacity to ensure effective implementation.

CHIPUA Company Limited Is therefore a social enterprise organization that seeks to support and make a contribution towards economic and social transformation of communities for reconstruction and development in Tanzania.

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